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Welcome, I am embarking on a personal quest of minimizing my life and will be documenting it through this blog. This page will display the snippets of each post with the pages Minimizing Process, Better Choices and Personal serving to sort them based on their topics and interests.

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Lady Business

Periods, I am referring to the menstrual cycle. Consider this your warning if this is not what you want to be reading right now - and steer away. I can already hear the grumbles of commiseration from the ladies, I feel you. With my bloat-day pajama pants, heating pad and snacks - I feel you.... Continue Reading →

Mild Lurking

I skipped a week or so of posting, partly because I didn't have a whole lot to write and partly because I was/am going through some heavy emotional stuff - which is to be expected I imagine - with a divorce and all. I still seem to find, however, that I can glean a little... Continue Reading →

It’s the simple things…


I don’t want a fancy house. I don’t have to have fancy jewelry. I don’t desire designer goods. I don’t think expensive restaurants are all that great. I don’t need the newest and best, the biggest or the brightest. There’s nothing wrong with any of these things, they’re just not something I long for.

When I think about my life, I don’t quantify it in the things I own, I quantify it in the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, the things I’ve seen.

I like simple. I like moments. I like sunsets and seascapes. I like the serenity in the air after a rain storm has ended. I like driving down the highway when a good song comes on the radio and I can’t help but sing at the top of my lungs. I love cultures and people who show me a way of life that’s not my…

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But All This Emptiness…

Despite experiencing a certain level of joy with minimizing belongings and donating items so they may find a new home, there is also a degree of sadness that comes with it. Something about seeing empty space where your belongings once were is an especially harrowing feeling. There is this unmistakable ache to put something there,... Continue Reading →

Heirlooms Are The Hardest

You know the ones: the dresser your grandfather built or the dishes your great grandmother handed down through the years, perhaps a collection of knickknacks that meant the world to your mother, lots of quilts in my family but everyone has something. Even after these items have lost their value or outlived their prospective places... Continue Reading →

To Hug and To Hold

Stuffed animals that is. I have a problem, always have actually. I, as a full grown adult (on paper), still thoroughly enjoy stuffed toys and kind of collect them. Well, half collect and half continuously receive. It always seems like once people can pen you in on their gift list for a solid type, that's... Continue Reading →

Teeth and Armpits

Sounds like the descriptive opener to the hot new low-budget horror movie. 😀 Quite simply, this is where I started trying to make better choices with the purchases I will undoubtedly have to continue making, no matter how small I minimize my life. Disclaimer: I am not being compensated in any way for the following... Continue Reading →

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